About RCD

About RCD

Based in Tucson, RCD Demolition provides commercial and residential demolition services throughout Southern Arizona. To date, in only 7 years of business, we have successfully and safely completed more than 1,400 demolition projects. Our portfolio ranges from straightforward service saw cutting projects to complex challenges involving heavy selective structural removal and complete or partial structure demolition. We provide a continuum of services from in-depth site assessments with hazard task analyses to punch list walk-throughs. With safety as our main priority, we strive to exceed the client’s expectations at every jobsite.

Our Mission and Values

Although our specialization is tearing down structures, what we’re really focused on is building: building solid relationships with our clients, building a better community for our neighbors, and building a successful business with hardworking, dedicated employees.


RCD Demolition is a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on the professionalism of every employee. Furthermore, we are committed to value engineering. We believe in getting the job done well at the lowest possible price point for our clients. Our clients choose us because of our commitment to delivering superior service at every jobsite without exception.


In addition, our clients appreciate our proactive approach to strategizing each demolition job. We are true experts in the field, with years of experience working on projects around the Tucson community. Thanks to our experience and in-depth knowledge, we are often able to identify potential issues during the initial site walk-through. We then discuss these potential problems with the clients, so they understand exactly what might happen during the project.

Our Story

RCD Demolition was founded in 2013 by husband and wife team, Bobby and Valerie Davila. However, our roots stretch back much further than that. As a young boy, Bobby would often accompany his uncle, Alfonso Avitia on jobsites with Avitia Demolition, which was founded by Alfonso and his wife, Yolanda. Alfonso taught Bobby a great deal about demolition practices and safe equipment usage. In fact, Bobby spent every summer with his uncle and aunt, learning every aspect of the demolition business. As he grew older, Bobby enjoyed working in the family business.


Tragically, in 1990 Alfonso was killed in an accident on a jobsite, but his legacy carries on today. Bobby and Valerie founded RCD Demolition to carry on the family legacy and to pursue the American dream of building their own successful business. Like Avitia Demolition, RCD Demolition is very much a family-owned and operated business. Our family-oriented values are reflected in the dedication we have to completing each project in a manner that exceeds our clients’ expectations.


We look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your property improvement project. Contact RCD Demolition today at (520) 203-7330 to request a free quote.


Our Staff

Bobby Davila

Estimator / Project Manager / President

25+ years experience

Bobby has an immeasurable passion for demolition which has garnered him a reputable reputation in the demolition industry. He requires the highest standards for his company and its employees and treats every job and every client equally. His determination and communication skills have put his company at the top of the demolition industry in Southern Arizona. Bobby grew up around demolition and learned about the industry from his uncle Alfonso, who owned Avitia Demolition. At a young age, Bobby would join his uncle Alfonso and work on the field and in the office. These fun yet grueling tasks pushed Bobby to form a passion for demolition, which catapulted him into a career in demolition, where he worked every aspect of demo including clerical, field manager, and estimator. For 20 years, Bobby worked for various demolition companies in Tucson, until he realized he could offer Tucson and his clients better skills and services. In 2013, Bobby started RCD Demolition with an impressive following and his business has soared ever since. Bobby is truly the leader in demolition.

Valerie Davila

Controller / Vice President

5 years experience

Valerie’s strong work ethic and vast experience working with people throughout Tucson has provided her with an enormous ability to work in the demolition field. Taking a whim and joining her husband Bobby in opening their own demolition business in 2013, Valerie quickly learned the skills that catapulted their business into a successful demolition company. Her 21 years of experience in human resources provides Valerie with an array of knowledge suitable in handling the work load demolition holds. Valerie’s attributions in strong leadership skills, quick thinking, attention to detail, and organization skills benefit the company’s overall success.

Alex Chavez

General Superintendent / Project Manager

20 years experience

Alex began working at a young age with his father doing manual labor, which provided him with the skills to prosper in the demolition industry. Alex has held numerous demolition jobs including being a foreman and a field supervisor. Having such diversity within the demolition industry and other manual labor has given Alex the skills that enable him to be an exceptional leader for his team on the field.

Jaime Quintana

Field Manager / Project Manager

20+ years experience

Jaime has worked in the demolition industry since he was a teenager, taking a job during high school at a family-owned demolition company in Tucson. He grew a passion for working in the demolition field because of its constant change and his ability to demolish buildings while using heavy equipment. These skills helped drive Jaime’s curiosity to learn and understand the various jobs involved in demolition. Jaime’s experience in the demolition field include laborer, equipment operator and foreman, and he has obtained his CDL license and OSHA certificate. His passion and dedication to his career motivates his employees to perform at their best level. His managerial skills able him and his team to get the job done efficiently and accurately.

Denize Davila

Project Coordinator

10 years experience

Denize has worked in the demolition industry as an administrative assistant for over 8 years. She began working part-time for a demolition company where she handled administrative duties such as payroll and data entry. Denize unexpectedly grew a passion working in demolition because she reveres the fast and changing pace the work offers. Her experience has provided Denize with an immense knowledge in the field, which aids her drive in providing her team with her best work. Her independence, organization, strong communication skills, and positive attitude has benefited the company by forming strong bonds with their clients.

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